ESOP Case Studies

SES Advisors invites you to explore our ESOP case studies to learn why so many companies trust our experts.

SES Advisors invites you to explore our ESOP case studies to learn why so many companies trust the experts from SES Advisors. At SES Advisors, we are uniquely qualified to provide that kind of ESOP guidance and support.

Establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) can be a lengthy and complex process. The right advisors will guide you through the complexity. They will also work to ensure that your plan is designed and executed with a strategic and responsible approach, one that delivers sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.

Addressing Excess Cash in an ESOP S Corporation

An ESOP S Corporation approached SES Advisors ESOP consulting group concerning options for freezing or terminating their Plan. The company is an S Corporation that is substantially owned by its ESOP. Management was concerned that the company was building up excess cash on the companys balance sheet. The ESOP trustees were concerned with whether having…

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Administering a Mature ESOP

The XYZ Company Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) came to SES Advisors as a mature ESOP plan sponsored by a C corporation. The company was interested in doing an additional leveraged transaction to enable the ESOP to buy shares from the remaining shareholder and to become 100% ESOP owned. They also wondered how they were…

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Establishing an ESOP

SES Advisors helped in establishing an ESOP plan for the Organically Grown Company. In the late 1970s, Keith and Ellen Walton invited local farmers and gardeners to join them for potluck dinners at their Eugene, Oregon, home to talk about preserving farmland and supporting farmers. These discussions spurred the formation of Organically Grown as a…

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ESOP Plan Administration

The CEO of an ESOP that had engaged SES for EOSP plan administration services was looking to manage the companys repurchase obligation. The company asked SES Advisors to evaluate a variety of plan funding options in order to determine the most cash-efficient approach for the company. The project included several considerations, including: SES first evaluated…

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401(k) Plan Consulting

SES Advisors was hired to consult for an ESOP company’s 401(k) plan. The ESOP company had specific items it wanted to incorporate into the 401(k) plan.

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ESOP Transaction

The combination of corporate tax benefits, ownership control, improved debt repayment capabilities and legacy perpetuation persuaded Bret and Linda to hire SES Advisors to design an ESOP transaction that achieved their various objectives. Bret and Linda were siblings and the second generation shareholders of a successful specialty manufacturing company located in southeastern Florida. Both were…

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ESOP Benefits

Counsel for a mature ESOP company approached SES Advisors with concerns about a disparity in a clients ESOP benefits. A group of 20 employees who had been with the company during the ESOP debt repayment period had significantly larger balances than 50 newer employees who joined the company after the ESOP suspense shares had been…

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ESOP Record Keeping

SES Advisors recently provided ESOP record keeping to the ABC Company after they adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). ESOP Record Keeping documents were drafted by SES Advisors sister law firm, Steiker, Greenapple, & Fusco, P.C. The SES financial team completed all of the loan documentation, establishing a leveraged ESOP owning 100% of ABC…

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