Reviews & Testimonials

In their own words, SES Advisors clients give reviews and testimonials exploring, establishing and/or administering an ESOP with our team.

In their own words, SES Advisors clients share their experiences of exploring, establishing and/or administering an ESOP with our team.

SES Advisors played a critical role in helping Modern make the transition from a family-owned business established in 1946 to a company now 100% owned by its 300+ employees. Jim Steiker and SES Advisors tailored Modern’s plan to address not only the various interests and concerns of our stakeholders, but also the effect it would have on the long-term benefits structure and financial stability of the company. We thought so highly of Jim that we asked him to serve on our board of directors. I personally value not only his technical expertise, but also his insight into the specific needs of our business.

Dave Griffith, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Modern Group

Adopting an ESOP is a complicated transaction that involves many parties, and as a professional service firm we recognize the value of selecting the appropriate team and the importance of building long-term relationships. Selecting experts such as SES Advisors to design and implement our ESOP was an excellent decision, and SES has navigated us through every aspect of the ownership transition process. From the beginning, we have benefited from our working relationship with the firm’s outstanding people and, as our ESOP matures, we continue to rely on SES Advisors’ expertise and guidance.

Peggy Hart, Principal and Chief Financial Officer, O’Donnell & Naccarato

I would definitely recommend SES Advisors for any company that is starting an ESOP or looking for an ESOP administrator. They helped us design and implement our ESOP in a timely manner. We have been working with SES Advisors since 2003. Every time I have a question, they respond right away.

Roseline H. Marston, President, A.D. Marble & Company

When looking for a TPA partner, we reviewed a number of alternatives based on recommendations from a range of highly respected local and national ESOP experts and advisors. We selected SES Advisors based on their depth and breadth of experience, and likely fit with our ESOP based on a number of recommendations and interviews. We are now in the second year of our partnership and are very happy with our selection of SES Advisors as our trusted partner. Jane Rogers, our senior ESOP administrator, has been extremely responsive to our every need, and consistently exceeds the high expectations of our ESOP administrative committee.

Garret T. Yoshimi, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, DTRIC Insurance