About Us

Together with its affiliated companies, SES ESOP Strategies brings together one of the largest core groups of ESOP lawyers, consultants and investment bankers in the U.S.

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Company Overview: SES ESOP Strategies

SES ESOP Strategies is a national ESOP firm that combines the expertise of ESOP consulting, financial, investment banking and legal professionals to assist companies in creating and maintaining successful, sustainable employee ownership results throughout the entire ESOP lifecycle. We balance the needs of owners, managers, the company and its employees to ensure long term corporate sustainability with substantial employee ownership.

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Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

We strive to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive ESOP services to help our clients in achieving their goals for their ESOPs.

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ESOP Experience You Can Trust

SES ESOP Strategies has one of the nation’s largest core groups of ESOP lawyers, consultants, financial advisors and lawyers with offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, North Dakota, Ohio and Texas.

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Our Mission

SES ESOP Strategies creates and maintains successful and sustainable business transitions to employee ownership.

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Learn more about how SES ESOP Strategies can guide you through the complexity of exploring and installing an ESOP.

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