ESOPs as an Exit Planning Strategy

What’s Involved With Selling Your Company to Your Employees?

Mark Russell, Head of Finance with SES ESOP Strategies, participated in a webinar hosted by the Exit Planning Institute. Geared toward business owners looking for a succession strategy, the webinar focused on employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), in which business owners transition ownership of all or part of the company to the company’s employees.

SES ESOP Strategies has guided many companies through ESOP transactions, and Mark’s presentation, “ESOPs as an Exit Planning Strategy,” covers all the basics and beyond of ESOPs for business owners seeking a succession plan with numerous benefits to the company, the seller and the employees. He provides a thorough introduction to employee ownership and reviews the ways that a transaction may work, dependent upon the structure of the company and the goals of the owners. This ESOP presentation also delves into the benefits and risks for both the company and its employees, and outlines what types of attributes a company should have to be an ideal fit for an ESOP.

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