Dart America

Dedicated Carrier Values Employee Contributions, Becomes 100% Employee-Owned

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Dart America (Dart Trucking Company, Inc.) has been a dedicated carrier for more than two decades serving one of the world’s largest producers of activated carbon. The company believes its greatest asset is their employees, the staff and drivers who fuel business success in the competitive trucking environment through their on-time customer service, best-in-class driving and commitment to road safety.


Dart’s leadership sought a business transition plan that would reward the commitment of its employees through company ownership, help retain current and future employees in a competitive industry, sustain long-term business growth as an independent company and provide liquidity for its shareholders. After a thorough analysis of possible strategic alternatives, a full 100% ESOP became the clear objective.


Dart engaged SES ESOP Strategies and affiliated law firm Stevens & Lee to assist in structuring and forming a new ESOP, gathering and organizing financial due diligence information  and negotiating financial terms. Stevens & Lee attorneys helped with preparing the ESOP plan, transaction documents and advised on the ESOP transaction and management incentive plans. Following the transaction, Dart became a 100% ESOP-owned S Corporation, effectively exempt from corporate federal and state income taxes.

“Our transition to an ESOP enabled us to reward the professionalism and loyalty of our employees through employee ownership,” said David Lynch, Chief Financial Officer of Dart Trucking Company, Inc. “We take great pride in our workforce and their investment in the future of our business. SES and Stevens & Lee provided top quality service and assistance through this important transition.”

For more information on this transaction, please contact Ed Renenger, President and CEO, at 610.478.2238, Mark Russell, Head of Finance, at 817.566.1013, or Vince Capone, Vice President, at 215.508.7716.