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Rebar Equipment Manufacturer Shapes Employee-Focused Legacy, Becomes 100% Employee-Owned

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Across nearly four decades, KRB Machinery Company has been a global leader in designing, building and servicing rebar shearlines, rebar benders, rebar cutters and automatic stirrup benders that are built to last. The company serves major steel mills, rebar fabricators and construction companies, with its equipment operating in more than 55 countries and as part of monumental projects like the expansion of the Panama Canal and Apple Campus 2. Leadership recognizes that business growth and customer satisfaction stem from the productivity, technical skill and dedication of its workforce.


KRB leadership sought a business transition strategy that would reward employees through company ownership, restructure the business to sustain long-term business growth and create liquidity for their shareholders, all while continuing KRB’s legacy of treating customers like family. A full 100% ESOP transition plan emerged as the best solution to achieve those goals.


KRB engaged SES ESOP Strategies and affiliated law firm Stevens & Lee to assist in structuring and forming a new ESOP. SES provided financial due diligence, financial modeling, negotiated the transaction terms and led a competitive capital raise process to obtain the most attractive terms from potential lenders. Attorneys from Stevens & Lee prepared the ESOP plan documents, negotiated the transaction terms, prepared a tailored synthetic equity plan, prepared the transaction documents and negotiated the financing documents. KRB is now a 100% employee-owned company and, as an S Corporation, it is effectively exempt from corporate federal and state income taxes.

“Our workforce is the backbone of our business, and we’re proud that the evolution of our company to an ESOP allowed us to reward the dedication of our employees through employee ownership,” said Nathan Kauffman, CEO of KRB. “SES and Stevens & Lee provided crucial guidance to ensure our business transition goals were met.”

For more information on this transaction, please contact Ed Renenger, President and CEO, at 610.478.2238, Mark Russell, Head of Finance, at 817.566.1013, or Vince Capone, Vice President, at 215.508.7716.

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